Activity 2: Decision Tree

* The music playing is in interactive Decision Tree below. Either turn your computer’s sound off or the sound off on the interactive Decision Tree, if it is bothering you. *

Using the CRAAP Method to Assess Online Sources

So you are working away on a written assignment and you need to find some information. You go to Google, find a web page, and start reading.

But how do you know if the information you are reading is trustworthy? The unfortunate fact is that there are many websites that purposely seek to promote false information. This is further complicated by the fact that there is no internet fact checker or editor, who ensures that everything that gets posted online is indeed factually correct. What this means then, is that individuals can always find information that reinforces their beliefs – this is known as confirmation bias.

CRAAP test
Image created by S. McLean using Adobe Spark.

So how do you know whether the information you are reading is trustworthy? Try the CRAAP test!  Watch the video below to learn about the different components of the CRAAP test.

Decision Tree

Now that you have watched the video for the CRAAP test, it is time to put your knowledge to use! Complete the interactive Decision Tree below. You will be presented with a scenario regarding the legitimacy of an online resource, and you will need to make decisions to determine whether or not the information is reliable! Click the LAUNCH button below!

A couple of hints in getting started:

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And always remember, if it doesn’t pass the CRAAP test, then it’s probably crap!