Activity 1: Two Truths & a Lie Artifacts

In the Unit Teaser, I shared 3 creatures – two make believe creatures and one real creature – and you had to determine which were fake and which was real.  Now it is your turn!

You will be placed in small groups, and each group will create 3 online artifacts. The online artifact could be a blog post, a photo, a video, an animation, and/or a podcast. It is up to you and your group, what type of online artifacts you create. One or two of these online artifacts should be a lie (something non-factual that you and your group make up), and one or two of the artifacts should be a truth (something factual and real).

Photo Credit: Evan Dennis

There are only two rules:

  • The artifacts you create are to be shared only within private class forum (and if using videos, podcasts or blog posts uploaded elsewhere, they are to be marked private), so as not to spread misinformation.
  • No artifacts are to be made that are hurtful or about people, in or outside of this class.

Please click on the button for the respective group that you’ve been assigned to below. There you will find a discussion board for your group to brainstorm what 3 online artifact you wish to create.

Once your group has finished creating your 3 online artifacts, add them to your Group’s Artifact Board below, with the goal of stumping and deceiving your classmates.  The other students in the class will then visit each groups artifact board and guess in the discussion which artifacts represent real / accurate information and which are false.

Have fun with this!