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Anne Webster

About Anne Webster

Anne has been a pianist, music specialist, and elementary school teacher her entire career. She holds a B.Ed. Degree with a double major in music from the University of British Columbia, and she has an ARCT Piano Performer’s Degree from the Royal Conservatory of Toronto. With her extensive music background she has taught music in schools, classrooms, studios, as well as in-home private piano lessons. Her students have ranged from ages 5-18, as well as adults. She has enjoyed playing and teaching a wide variety of musical styles from classical to popular, and she considers herself very adaptable to the varying interests of her piano students. In the last few years in addition to teaching piano, Anne has been tutoring students to help with their schoolwork, and she has also been teaching child actors requiring school on movie sets. When not teaching, her interests include long walks, bike rides, pickleball, reading, and travelling.