Yin Yoga Class

Hello! Glad you could join me in our Health Studio for a bit and stretching and relaxation!

We believe that we are most productive and creative when we take healthy breaks from our work to stretch, breath, and relax. As such, when you visit StoryToGo’s Health Studio, you will find both free classes for doing just that, along other more involved, paid healthy living classes that you can sign up for.

Now grab your yoga mat and a towel about the size of a tea towel, and find a quiet space that you can stretch out in, to join me for this hour long Yin Yoga Class.

This Yin Yoga for shoulders, chest, hips and hamstrings is perfect for treating your body after long hours of sitting, hunched over a computer. My soothing, guiding words will lead you through floor based poses that will attend to your connective tissues and joints.

If you wish to have a playlist to accompany this class, I have created one for you here: Yin with Lori, Playlist on Spotify

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