Who was Elementari built for?

Elementari was created for K-12 students and teachers. It was also created as a collaborative hub for artists and musicians. It is very fun to play with, no matter your age!


On the basic level, teachers can create interactive educational stories that teach concepts and encourage action to be taken by students. The beautiful artistry and animation available helps to bring learning to life, making it more interesting and memorable. With clickable features, skill comprehension can be self-realized by the reader. Read the example story below, which a teacher created to review the topics of ‘a’, ‘an’, and ‘the’.

Teachers have also been using Elementari to teach their students how to create stories. As a child, I remember the excitement of getting a story bound with coil since that somehow made it legitimately real, and quite a big deal. Imagine the joy of students today getting to see their story alive in the digital space.

On a more advanced level, teachers can create and manage classrooms. In this way, educators can easily create and manage students accounts, moderate student content, and showcase a classroom library featuring their students’ published stories. Any user can create a classroom and add up to 30 students for free.

There is a remix feature that allows a story creator to use someone else’s story as a starting point, and then change or add to it. As an example, a teacher could start a story and then see how it changes as it passes through the class.

Elementari has created a teacher guide to walk through the whole process of getting set up within your school and for your group of students.


The professional illustrations and music compositions available for story creation are all supplied by a community of creatives. As soon as a story is published, the contributing artists and musicians chosen for the book are automatically credited in the description areas. Learn more on the benefits of being a contributor from Elementari’s informational flyer.